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  • Clinic Consultation (Offline OPD)

    Book your Appointment with best ayurvedic doctor of Ranchi and visit at clinic for permanent treatment of all ailments.

  • Online Consultation

    Book an appointment online and discuss your case with an Best Ayurvedic Specialist on a phone call or video call

  • Swarnprashan Consultation

    Suvarna Prashana or swarna prashan is an ancient method of administering suvarna bhasma (incinerated gold) to children on the auspicious day of Pushya nakshatra. SuvarnaPrashan is a very old and proven method mentioned in the old ayurvedic book Kashyap Samhita, Administering Suvarna Prashan to children within age newborn to 12 years can improve Child's immunity, Memory, IQ, intelligence. Suvarna Prashana is also called Swarna Prashana/ Swarna Bindu Prashan. It is done on Pushya Nakshatra day, which comes after every 27 to 28 days.

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